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HQGlit by Tabor is a
top-of-the-line glitter, the latest generation product for those seeking a something that surpasses the standards.

As those working in high quality niche markets know full well: the combination of prime quality materials is essential to the development of top-of-the-line products, those able to succeed in contexts where mere "excellent" is not enough.
Well aware of the specific needs and requirements of the sector leaders, Tabor has developed HQGlit, the latest concept in high-end glitter, designed for those seeking a truly high-tech product able to confer high added value for the end product. Born of Tabor's passion for innovation and the vast experience of its Research&Development laboratories, the HQGlit product line uses innovative raw materials and production processes to obtain products that go far beyond conventional polyester glitter:
Microscopic glitter
Created by cutting of extremely fine polyester film (particle size = less than 50 Micron), HQGlit microscopic glitter creates unique metallic effects. The result is superb yield for incredibly high quality finishes.
Silver glitter
Created from metalized film containing a percentage of pure silver, HQGlit silver glitter generates a brilliance that outshines conventional metallic glitter created using aluminum alone.
Reflecting glitter
Created by cutting film composed of light-reflecting glass microspheres, HQGlit reflecting glitter can absorb, and then scatter, environmental light.
All the glitters in the HQGlit product line guarantee high resistance to solvents, good resistance to water and optimal yield on final product.
HQGlit is the fruit of a cooperative effort between Tabor and its own customers; it is a truly unique product developed to meets the needs of the final consumer. In fact, for over thirty years, Tabor has not been mere a supplier. No indeed. It is a reliable partner, ready to accompany the customer from the preliminary stages all the way through to the after-market, the goal being to optimize each and every supply.
Always mindful of the customers and their specific needs, Tabor makes its own expertise available for the development of new top-of-the-line, specialty glitters.

HQGlit, the line of glitter for those seeking a quality that stands well above par for high-end items.