Caviar Beads

TaborGlit Caviar Beads are small spheres produced by processing different materials which depend on the final application. They come in a wide range of colors and diameters. The main feature of TaborGlitis Caviar Beads is their superb versatility. They are ideal for decorative elements and for printing on fabric; likewise they are increasingly used in the production of cosmetics. Caviar Beads guarantee extremely high per square meter yields and the quality/price ratio is truly competitive.

Made of PVC and Polystyrene, Caviar Beads are particularly suited to decorative fabric printing. In fact, besides the unique features already described, these products offer a further advantage: a process for application on fabric that is truly simple.

The Caviar Beads used in cosmetics are those produced by processing of glass. Following the recent, widespread distribution of cosmetic nail art, these products have catapulted Tabor into a starring role; indeed, these are important items able to meet the creative demands of the masters of nail art.

TaborGlit Caviar Beads are therefore geared both to jobbers who produce fabrics or finished products for high fashion brands and for other garment manufacturers, and to producers and distributors of makeup.

Moreover, Tabor can offer its customers direct production and large scale storage of the materials produced. This feature enables Tabor to guarantee truly efficient supply so the final customer can rest assured of certain, predictable production and delivery times.

Moreover, thanks to a well-consolidated, long-term relationship with its raw materials suppliers, Tabor guarantees the quality and technical characteristics of its Caviar Beads.